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AccuRibbon® DC Cables - Toneable

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AccuRibbon® DC Cables - Toneable

AccuRibbon® DC Cables - Toneable

Totally Gel-Free, Ribbon Cable Optimized for Improved Air-Blown Installation Performance

The OFS AccuRibbon® DC Toneable Cable's optimized design offers a more compact, lighter weight cable that helps enable significantly improved air-blown installation performance (when compared with similar gel-filled cables). This innovative, gel-free ribbon cable also helps save time and money on deployment costs by reducing the time required for splicing and installation.

The construction of the AccuRibbon DC Toneable Cable begins with a completely dry central core tube, which contains a gel-free water-blocking tape and up to eighteen 12-fiber AccuRibbon units (for up to 216 fiber counts) or eighteen 24-fiber units (for up to 432 fiber counts). Surrounding the central tube is another layer of super-absorbent water-blocking tape to provide added water-penetration resistance. Two 17 AWG copper conductors are embedded over the tape (diametrically opposite to one another for balanced cable design) to facilitate cable location along with easier bonding and grounding. A dielectric strength rod is inserted on either side of each copper conductor for extra crush resistance (a total of four rods). To facilitate easy cable entry, two ripcords are placed beneath a durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) outer jacket that completes the cable design.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized design helps enable up to a 300% improvement in air-blown installation performance
  • Helps save on deployment costs by reducing cable end preparation time by up to 80%
  • Totally gel-free cable for cleaner, faster installation
  • Reduced cable diameter and lighter weight offer easier, more rapid cable deployment
  • AccuRibbon units support mass-fusion splicing

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