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EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle

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  • Item #EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle
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EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle

EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle

Features and Benefits
  • Available in 3.0 and 4.8 diameter cordages, as indoor/outdoor, riser, plenum, or low-smoke, zero-halogen constructions
  • Less than 0.1 dB macrobending attenuation at 1550 nm for 1 turn at 5 mm fiber bend radius
  • Solid construction fiber with macrobending performance far better than ITU G.657.B3 requirements
  • Backwards compatible with installed G.652.D fibers
  • Available as single or double ended SCA terminated cables with 0.25 dB insertion loss and -55 dB return loss
  • Ruggedized cords designed to allow common stapling methods
  • Ideal for in-residence wiring and difficult installation routes in MDU overbuilds
  • No extra steps to install bend limiters, conduits, or raceways
  • Conforms to building; slack fits in small storage spaces
  • Fast, easy, low-loss splicing to G.652.D fiber with existing core and clad aligned splice equipment

Fiber Count5, 6 or 12
Cable TypeLow-Smoke, Zero-Halogen,Riser
Indoor or I/OIndoor/Outdoor
Mechanical RatingTelcordia GR-409, ICEA S-83-596 compliant
Flame Spread RatingNon-Halogen: IEC 60332-3C and IEC 61034-2 Compliant,Plenum: NFPA 262 (UL 910) Compliant,Riser: UL 1666 Compliant
Connector EndsSCA
Cable CharacteristicsAccuDRY® Indoor/Outdoor Cables in 4.8 and 3.0 mm cordages, as riser, plenum, or low-smoke, zero-halogen

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