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EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle

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EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle

EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle

Supporting Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and In-Home Wiring Applications

The EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle provides the same high performance that the single fiber EZ-Bend® Assemblies provide but has the added benefit of saving time in installation by pulling 5, 6 or 12 assemblies at one time. The OFS Outside Plant EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundles feature the ruggedized 4.8 mm Indoor/ Outdoor cable with EZ-Bend® Ultra-Bend Insensitive fiber. Drop cables are placed on the outside of the building so that the coils are located at each of the windows of the living unit where the individual end will enter the living unit. The un-connectorized end of the bundle is spliced at the fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) which is located at either ground level or on top of the building. The connectorized end is later placed through the window seal to connect with the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) inside the living unit.

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