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EZ-Bend Tonable Drop Assemblies

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EZ-Bend Tonable Drop Assemblies

EZ-Bend Tonable Drop Assemblies

Fast, Bendable, Plug and Play Installation

OFS EZ-Bend® Tonable Drop Assemblies provide the optical connection between a fiber distribution terminal and a network interface device, which is usually mounted at or inside the home or business. EZ-Bend cables can be stored in a compact bundle and routed from the outside of the building to the inside. The assemblies may be pulled through duct or direct buried and can be easily located underground using the integrated copper toning wire. They can be attached with staples or other fasteners with no bending issues.

The EZ-Bend Tonable Drop Assemblies are factory terminated and tested for fast, reliable plug and play installation. Industry standard connectors enable fast connection to fiber distribution terminals or or Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The EZ-Bend Tonable Drop Assemblies are part of OFS' FOX Solution® Home and Business.

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