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ErYb 125 (Glass Clad)

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  • Item #552 HPWR 065
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552 HPWR 065

ErYb 125 (Glass Clad)

Proof Test Level100 (kpsi)
Mode Field DiameterLP01 @1550nm 6.7 µm (µm)
Core Concentricity Error0.5 (µm)
Coating TypeAcrylate
Core Numerical Aperture '1 '20.2
Est. Cladding Absorption '3915nm 1.6 dB/m
Background Loss '41150nm 60 dB/km
Outside Cladding Diametermax, 130 µm
min, 120 µm
typical, 125 µm
Equivalent Circular Inner Cladding Diameter *5105 µm
Coating Inside Diametermax, 265 µm
min, 235 µm
typical, 250 µm
Outside Coating/Outside Clad Concentricity Erro15

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