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Inline Connection Point

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Inline Connection Point

The AccuRoll™ Dry Core (DC) Rollable Ribbon (RR) Cable features 144, 216, 288, or 432 optical fibers in a gel-free, central core cable design. This cable features rollable ribbons, the newest optical fiber ribbon design from OFS. To form these ribbons, individual 250 μm fibers are partially bonded to each other at predetermined points. The cable design features a central tube construction with helical strength elements for durable protection and superior coiling performance to alternative products.

Why the AccuRoll DC Rollable Ribbon (RR) Cable?

The AccuRoll DC RR Cable’s rollable ribbon design helps users to achieve highly efficient and cost-effective mass fusion splicing along with easy individual fiber breakout. This capability helps to simplify installation and save on labor costs. In addition, the AccuRoll DC RR Cable’s greater fiber density can help to expand the capacity of existing pathways using smaller, lower-cost duct systems.

The AccuRoll DC RR Cable’s ribbons may be “rolled” (compacted) and routed like individual fibers to facilitate use in smaller closures and splice trays.

In addition, this cable’s completely gel-free water-blocking design also helps to reduce the time required to prepare cable ends which can also help with reduced labor and splice costs.

With its ability to maximize duct utilization, the AccuRoll DC RR Cable is an excellent choice for use in data centers, FTTx and access networks. This cable is also highly suitable for underground, direct buried, and lashed aerial deployments.

Storage Temperature (ºC):-40 to 70
Storage Temperature (ºF):-40 to 167
Fiber Count:144|216|288|432
Cable Outer Diameter (in):0.46-0.71
Cable Outer Diameter (mm):11.7-18.1
Minimum Bend Radius, With Load:15 x OD (Outer Diameter)
Minimum Bend Radius, With No Load:15 x OD
Minimum Bend Radius, Storage Coils:15 x OD
Maximum Rated Cable Load (MRCL) (lbf):600
Maximum Rated Cable Load (MRCL) (N):2700
Maximum Long Term Load (lbf):180
Maximum Long Term Load (N):800
Installation Temperature (ºC):-30 to 70
Installation Temperature (ºF):-22 to 140
Operation Temperature (ºC):-40 to 70
Operation Temperature (ºF):-40 to 158
Fiber Type:AllWave®+ Optical Fiber

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