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InvisiLight® MDU Compact POE Module

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InvisiLight® MDU Compact POE Module

InvisiLight® MDU Compact POE Module

Made for InvisiLight® MDU Solution

The Compact Point-of-Entry (POE) Module serves as the transition point between the building
hallway and the customer living unit. Following an installation survey, the installer mounts
this module on the exterior wall of each living unit. A fusion-spliced pigtail or mechanical
connector connects the InvisiLight Multifiber Unit to the plug-and-play InvisiLight Indoor Living
Unit (ILU) Solution. The Compact POE Module is part of the InvisiLight Multiple Dwelling
Unit (MDU) Solution.
MDU Hallways
Features and Benefits
  • Allows termination of the InvisiLightMultifiber unit through directconnectorization or splicing (fusionor mechanical) to optical extensions(pigtails) of two optical fibers
  • Accommodates one internal opticaladapter (SC footprint)
  • An access point in each side allowscable access from the top of themodule
  • InvisiLight ILU or jumper output occursfrom the base of the module throughtwo access points
  • The multi-position adapter supportallows the adapter to be housed inthree different positions

  • Compact dimensions
  • Discreet appearance
  • Easy to secure on the wall with twoscrews
  • Internal fiber guides for easyinstallation
  • Internal fiber guides for easyinstallation
  • Plastic body offers high mechanicalresistance and an efficient design
  • Accommodates splice protectors(40 mm)

Fiber Count:1
Width (in):6
Depth (in):0.63
Height (in):1.6
Fiber Capacity:1 adapter|2 Splices

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