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Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies

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  • Item #Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies
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Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies

Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies

Used in FTTX applications between a Network Interface Device (NID) and a closure or pedestal
Key Features/Benefits
Key FeaturesBenefits
EZ-Bend fiber inside a ruggedized 4.8 mm Indoor/Outdoor jacketBends down to 2.5 mm radius making routing easier inside the premise. Compact slack management reduces cost and large loops.
Aramid strength members enabling 100 lb tension rating

Facilitates pulling through duct and stapling around sharp corners while protecting fiber reliability

Factory terminated optical connectorsPlug and play results in faster, lower skill installation saving time and cost compared to field terminated options
Factory tested optical performance with low loss and low reflection performance (< 0.3 dB insertion loss and high return loss > 55 dB with SC-UPC connectors) Greater service reliability compared to field terminated solutions
Industry standard connectors Compatible and interoperable with industry standard terminals compared to hardened fiber optic connectors.
AllWave® FLEX+ Fiber (standard)Bends down to 7.5 mm radius for compact installation without bend induced service disruption
EZ-Bend® Fiber (optional)Bends down to 2.5 mm radius. May be stapled and bent around sharp corners and allows faster easier routing inside the premise to an indoor ONT.
Integrated copper toning wire Easy to locate underground using conventional equipment to prevent impact from/to other underground utilities. Copper wire can be easily peeled away to route the cabling inside or access the toning wire for testing.
Precision manufactured with high quality manufacturing processes Consistent high quality performance
RoHS compliant Meets environment standards

Fiber Count1
Connector EndsSCA,SCU,UNC
Cable CharacteristicsFlat outer sheath compatible with existing low cost aerial hardware

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