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Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies

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Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies

Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies

Reduce Installation Time With Factory-Tuned Performance

OFS' Mini-TB (Tight Buffer) Drop Assemblies are used in FTTX applications between a Network Interface Device (NID) and a closure or pedestal. They consist of a flat outer sheath compatible with existing low cost aerial hardware, made robust with 2 solid strength members surrounding a 3 mm cord containing OFS' bend optimized single-mode fiber and optical connectors on one or both ends. The assemblies are delivered with the flat sheath and strength members removed at the ends, allowing for easy bending and storage of the 3 mm cordage.

The Mini-TB Drop Assemblies are factory terminated and tested for fast, reliable plug and play installation. The Mini-TB Drop Assemblies are part of OFS' FOX Solution® Home and Business.

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