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Single-mode Combiner for 1 µm Applications

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Single-mode Combiner for 1 µm Applications

Numerical Aperture0.165
Core Diameter105 ± 3 (µm)
Operating Temperature0 to +70 (ºC)
Typical Applications915 or 976 Pump Diodes,Aerospace,Industrial,Medical,Telecommunications Amplifiers
Cladding Diameter125 ± 2.5 (µm)
Coating Diameter250 ± 15 (µm)
Fiber Length1 (m)
Number of Input Fibers7
Numerical Aperture (Output)0.15 ± 0.15
Cladding Diameter (Output)125 ± 2.5 (µm)
Coating Outer Diameter250 ± 15 (µm)
Pigtail Fiber Length (Output)1 (m)
Multimode Transmission> 90%
Maximum Total Input Power175 (W)
Recommended for Use with these OFS cladding pumped fibersYb 130
MFD @ Operating Wavelength (1060 or 1550 nm) (SM Input)8 (µm)
Cladding Diameter (SM Input)125 ± 2.5 (µm)
Coating Outer Diameter (SM Input)250 ± 15 (µm)
Splice to SMF28< 0.3 (dB)
Pigtail Fiber Length (SM Input)1 (m)
Cladding Numerical Aperture.45 ± .03
MFD @ Operating Wavelength (1060 or 1550 nm) (Output)7 (µm)
SM Transmission> 85%
Optical Return Loss (Multimode)40 (dB)
OFS Cladding Pumped Fibers Part #1264
Application1 (µm)
Model #TFB13A5

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