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AllWave® FLEX + Zero Water Peak Jumpers

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AllWave® FLEX + Zero Water Peak Jumpers

AllWave® FLEX + Zero Water Peak Jumpers

Protecting and Enabling your Network for the Most Demanding Conditions!

Demanding    Fiber-to-the-Home,    Business,    and    Node (FTTX), Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC), and other applications require connectivity solutions that provide superior optical performance with high reliability. To  meet  this  challenge,  OFS  offers  AllWave FLEX+ ZWP Jumpers, the fi rst ZWP jumpers to combine full spectrum low loss performance with very low bending loss.
  • FTTx, HFC, xDSL, and BPL nodes and any other optical access network
  • Patch Panels in the Central Office Head End, or Cabinet
  • Pigtails in Optical Network Units (ONUs)

Features and Benefits
  • 5 times lower bending loss than conventional single-mode fiber (CSMF) jumpers
  • 50% lower connector loss than CSMF jumpers
  • Zero Water Peak, low loss performance
  • Fiber superior to and compliant with ITU G.652D specifications
  • Improved network reliability and customer satisfaction
  • Increased network reach, higher data rate potential
  • Usable across the full spectrum of wavelengths for current applications and future upgrades
  • Fully compatible with all single-mode systems and applications

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